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Foundational Learning Skills for Children with Special Education Needs  & Method

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What ensures that our methods work, is that they are based on universal foundation learning skills & principals. They are not based on what is unique to learners, such as his individual learning styles (visual, kinesthetic , auditory, etc.); our methods are based on what all people have in common, and for that reason we can make dramatic differences to the reading and learning abilities of at least 95% of learners.

Children with  special education needs, may find it tough to grasp the knowledge than other kids of their age. For them, remembering general information that should have been stress-free, is challenging; the normal process of learning turns into a frustrating effort.  These kids face poor problem-solving skills and reading is an embarrassing trial for them.

A child with special education needs often:

  • Lacks focus and sustainable attention Has reading and /or spelling difficulties
  • Has directionality problems
  • Fails to complete homework
  • -Has poor hand writing
  • Has poor  logical thinking skills
  • Fallsg behind in school
  • Has Behavioral issues and lack of social skills

Edublox Educational Services specializes in cognitive training that makes learners smarter and helps them learn and read faster, easier, and better. We have a team of experts who believes in treating every child as an individual with explicit skills and unique talents. We are well aware of the importance of giving quality time to each student, which helps improve their abilities and learning skills.
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Our Teachers

We understand that kids with learning difficulties don’t grasp information at the equal pace as their peers. That is why our special educators are fully trained to show patience, and they gradually work at the pace of each child providing  multiple activities to engage and stimulate senses and inspire learners to  progress..

Our Classes

Our classes address fundamental learning skills like:

  • Perceptual skills: recognition of differences, and similarities among several objects. ; Visual and auditory discrimination and motor senses integration.
  • Concentration: prolonged and sustained attention.
  • Memory: long-term, short-term, and working memory
  • Logical Thinking: inductive and deductive reasoning skills.
  • Learning: reading, comprehension, vocabulary and spelling beside calculation.


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