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Mathematical difficulties is a type of learning disorder that encompass the impairments in understanding basic facts of arithmetic, learning the magnitude of numeric, and processing the information to perform fluent calculations. It is not a result of poor education or intellectual impairment and it can easily be managed through proper techniques.

Edublox Math Classes  offer a unique set of study skills which can help your kid excel in mathematics. We provide a detailed course for different age groups in order to provide comprehensive problem-solving skills.

There is no doubt in the importance of maths, and failure to develop competencies during elementary stages can seriously harm both vocational and daily living prospects for your child. The importance of reasoning, problem-solving, and maths skills is no less than reading capabilities.

Symptoms of Mathematical Difficulties

  • Difficulty in counting forward or backward / skip counting.
  • Poor number perception
  • Unable to recall basic facts after many hours of practice
  • Lack of recall or strategy solving
  • Can’t understand role of zero and place value
  • Perform slow calculations
  • Forgets the procedures, especially if they are long

Our Math Support Center in Dubai

Whether it is science progress, daily living, or business, no one can escape the utilization of numbers. No matter what field you may find yourself in, from scientist to a shopkeeper, everyone needs math to solve problems. Regardless of your language, country, and culture, mathematics is a crucial and unavoidable knowledge. Keeping this in mind, we are offering Mathblox ; the unrivaled math classes at our center in Dubai.

Our Mathblox classes provide unparalleled training for students at grades 2 to 7.  Mathblox sets  the foundation for understanding mathematics, build intellectual potentials and arithmetic skills.

  • An in-depth knowledge of terminologies uses in simple and complex mathematics.
  • Basic math skills which include sustained, focused and divided attention to enhancing inductive and deductive reasoning, visual processing, working memory and sequential processing.
  • Application of basic knowledge in the form of curriculum-based exercises, reading time, word sums, mental arithmetic, etc.
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