Studiblox Study Methods Course

Studiblox building Study Skills

Study methods
Edublox centers offer an advanced course of study skills in Dubai. a course that covers study skills, study methods for learners from grade 4 to 9 .

Studyblox presents:

  • Understanding of what to study ,practice, and what to leave behind.
  • Memory enhancing techniques such as making Mnemonics.
  • Skill sets to understand the content.
  • How to make summaries in short span.
  • Ways to prepare for exam and test.
  • Methods to speed up reading.
  • Detailed structures to plan and write speeches and essays.

Our Study Skills Building Course in Dubai Involves:

  • MUD Model:

It is a model crafted by our experienced team to highlight learning techniques using  Memory, Understanding and Doing. Mnemonics

A smart memory technique that facilitates retrieval of information through easy options and ties to existing knowledge..

  • Mind Mapping:

A diagram used to represent ideas and link it to a central key word. This method helps in structuring and visualizing information in an organized way that helps learners   organize information, solve problems,  drive conclusions and succeed in different writing models.

  • Writing Summaries:

To study and learn fast, we teach a child to make summaries of what he has read utilizing  a 5–step strategy to create an excellent summary.

  • Essay and Speech Writing

Creative thinking and writing is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learned and enforced.

  • Speed Reading

It is one of the essential tools for learning. It increases understanding by eliminating least important information and focusing on useful one.

  • Brain Exercises

We integrate brain exercises with our course of study skills in Dubai. It can help sharpen concentration and attention, enhance the speed of information processing, promote logical thinking, and improve memory.

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