Surprising Edublox Customer Survey 2015 Results

Since 2010 we have been asking our customers to complete an online survey once a year to help us measure our educational and business performance. Even clients who have just started with classes are included in the survey. Every year the key question, “Did your child’s academic performance improve at school?” received on average a 90% positive rating – but this year it was not the same.

The 2015 survey was completed by more than 350 clients; thank you for your feedback, it is highly appreciated.

The surprise with the latest survey is that a 94% positive rating was achieved in response to the question whether school performance has improved. This is an excellent result which is 4% higher than before. It inspires each and every Edublox tutor to aim for the best and work harder to find ways to also better the learning of those children who have not improved adequately. Another highlight is that 85% of respondents fully agreed that they are willing to recommend Edublox to other parents.

Very specific areas of improvement has also been identified e.g. more consistent communication to clients specifically about learner progress. We are currently exploring ways and means to enhance the Edublox experience for clients.

Selected feedback from parents 

“Words can never explain how grateful I am with the level of improvement on my son’s academic records. I never knew how wonderful it feels to be one of those parents who shows staff members a child’s academic report. I wish I knew long ago about Edublox. You guys are really heavenly sent. Thank you so much and I hope next year will be as fulfilling and uplifting as 2015 has been.”

“I see the change in my child’s attitude towards reading and learning. There are two teachers who noticed the difference, only one teacher didn’t. His 3rd term report card showed some improvement. I am satisfied as it is a journey that we have to travel with the right pace. If I had money, I would enrol him for the whole year and remove him from the mainstream school.”

“Freddy has remarkably improved in his reading, spelling and learning confidence. He is more willing and able to try his level best now in whatever learning activity is presented to him. I am so lucky a friend recommended me to enrol him with EDUBLOX as his was finding it really hard to concentrate at any given activity. Will surely have him continue with the classes next year.”

“My boy has achieved many successes. He received an award for getting 100% for maths tests 10 times in a row.”

 Survey results

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