Help for Maths Problems



Dyscalculia: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Dyscalculia, which means inability to calculate, is the most widely used term for disabilities in arithmetic and mathematics. Dyscalculia symptoms include: poor understanding of the signs +, -, ÷ and x, or may confuse these mathematical symbols...

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What Is Edublox? Who Can Benefit from It?

Edublox is a system of cognitive exercises, aimed at developing and automatising the foundational skills of reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and the skills required in the learning of subjects such as History...

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Maths Learning Difficulties Are Real

When talking about learning difficulties many people assume that we are referring to a reading difficulty. We often hear the saying, “A learning problem is a reading problem.” This, of course, is not true. Among students classified as learning disabled, arithmetic difficulties are as prevalent as reading problems.

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