A Remarkable Improvement in His Overall Grades

Feedback.3185717_stdJacques has a learning and reading problem. He has ADHD and it was suggested to us that he should rather repeat grade one, but we as parents didn’t agree with this. We decided instead to enroll Jacques in the Edublox program to assist in systematically reducing the problem areas, so that he would eventually be on par with other students his own age.

As he progressed from one grade to the next we have seen a remarkable improvement in his overall grades, with reduced parent-teacher meetings every year — less concerns from teachers and generally a happier boy.

There is still a lot of work that need to be done here. Jacques still needs to improve in reading, spelling, and maths. We have a lot of faith in him and will keep on motivating and assisting him to work hard every day to achieve current goals and ultimately strive to be on par with other students his own age.

Trudie Drotsky

Jacques’ Grade 3, Term 1 report 

Jacques 1

Jacques’ Grade 3, Term 4 report 

Jacques 2

Trudie Drotsky Jacques' mother

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