From 38% to 80% in Maths!

Lesedi Malokane

Lesedi Malokane was voted ‘Learner of the Term’ at Edublox Pretoria North. She started at Edublox in May 2015, attending two classes per week ― one Edublox class and one Mathblox class. She has improved in all subjects, but especially in maths, going from an average of 38% to 80%! (See her school report below.)

Mathblox classes are aimed at Grade 2 to 7 learners and set the foundation for grasping mathematics. We achieve this by teaching your child:

* An in-depth understanding of the terminology used in maths.

* Foundational maths skills such as focused, sustained and divided attention; visual processing; visual, sequential and working memory; deductive and inductive reasoning.

* Application in the form of curriculum-based exercises — mental arithmetic, reading time, word sums, et cetera.

Classes are offered in English.

Mathblox 2



Mareli Swart Lesedi's tutor

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