From Failing the First Term to Passing the Second

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I would like to take the opportunity to thank Edublox for what they have done for Kian thus far.

My son Kian is in grade 4 but struggles with spelling and reading. He failed his first exam, due to him struggling with reading and not understanding the questions being asked, which made it difficult for him to answer.

We then, like most parents wanting to help their child, started searching for places that could assist him in this area. I came across Edublox on the internet and decided to give it a chance. We made an appointment and took him for an assessment to find out that our son’s reading was at a level of a grade 2 child. As painful as it was for us to hear, we decided to get him started on their programme as we were assured it would help him. We enrolled him in their one-on-one lessons which ran during the school holidays.

I remember the first day he came from his lessons. He was so excited to come home and tell me that he could spell big words like pneumonia and many others which made him so happy that he was excited to go to the lessons every day. When his one-on-one lessons were completed we enrolled him to attend their Saturday classes and bought their home package to assist him at home as well. I must say from a parent’s point of view it requires hard work and dedication ― from both child and parent. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

I’m glad to say Kian passed his second exam. His teachers also complimented him on his improvement. Kian is now going into 6 months being on the programme and I must say it has made him more confident in his spelling and reading.

All I can say to the parents out there is, if you notice any difficulties that your kids have at school at an early age, address it there and then. It would be the best thing you have ever done for them as it will make their schooling experience more pleasant. Parents must also be there to assist their kids at home ― I know it’s hard work but believe me it will pay off in the end.


Kian’s average improved by 9% from Term 1 to Term 2:

School report

Note on Kian’s photo: A stock photo was used.

Belinda Starkey Kian's mother

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