He Can Now Work Independently

Feedback.3185717_stdHlumelo’s self-confidence is better. He understands more of what he reads and doesn’t skip so many words. He doesn’t break down in tears if the work seems too hard and he is even doing better in maths because he understands the word problems.

Hlumelo used to cry over handwriting and now has little breakdowns only here and there. He can now work independently.

The Edublox program has brought peace and harmony to our lives. I don’t get that knot in my stomach when I see him struggling because I know he can do it. I don’t get that welling up in my throat when I need to push him, because I know he can handle it. A burden has been lifted from our family, and Edublox has given us hope.

At the shop Hlumelo he is the one to pay and count the change. I used to worry a lot about him, now I have a son who smiles, is happy, and gets ready for school in the morning. He even says, mum I want to be an architect when I grow up, to build you a beautiful house.

Sibongile Kula

Sibongile Kula Hlumelo's mother

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