He Learnt to Read Like a Trooper

Feedback.3185717_stdFrom: “Angelique Mcadam” [[email protected]]
Date: 12 Jul 2015 14:47
Subject: Gabriel
To: [[email protected]]

Dear Monique

I have had the honour to experience Edublox and the wonderful work that you and your team do with the children.

My son struggled with reading and comprehension in Grade 2. After doing some research I was impressed with what Edublox had to offer. I am so glad I found you and enrolled Gabriel into your program. Not only has he learnt to read like a trooper, he has also gained so much self confidence. According to the reports I receive from his teachers he is the first to the class and stand in front to do his speeches from cue cards. He is excelling in class — you have given him such a solid foundation to build from. I cannot begin to explain to you what your program has done for my son!! I thank you for your endurance and for your assistance with my little angel!

Due to the difference that I have experienced with my boy, I have recommended your course far and wide to every person I know who struggle with similar issues, and will continue recommending your services.

Thank you Again!!

Angelique McAdam
Chairperson – Roodepoort Childwelfare

Angelique McAdam Gabriel's mother

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