Hope’s Story of Hope

Girl doing schoolworkHope Mogapi’s parent wrote:

Hope repeated a grade because she was unable to read and spell correctly. She was also shy and did not participate in class.

Hope can now read and write constructive sentences. She can concentrate also. She managed to pass the second term of Grade 3, improving from 41% to 58%. She now feels free to participate in class.

B Mogapi

Hope’s teacher reported:

The improvement that I have noticed about Hope is that she can read with comprehension and answer the questions without a lot of assistance.

She can work independently. She likes reading a lot. She also likes to paste in her DBE book. She managed to perform well the second quarter. She also assists other learners who struggle in class.

Hope can read more than 30 words per minute and answer the comprehension test, remembering what she has read.

A.L Motheiwana

Hope’s average improved by 17% from Term 1 to Term 2:

School Report




Note on Hope’s photo: A stock photo was used.

Girl doing schoolwork

B Mogapi Hope's parent

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