Passed Based on “Immediate Improvement”


Reasons for enrolling at Edublox

Deacon was struggling at school and was assessed by an educational psychologist in February 2014. The assessment indicated above-average cognitive functioning, however indicated many aspects of dyslexia which manifested particularly in his spelling. We immediately started with remedial private classes with Pauline Ashcroft. When she suddently passed away, we enrolled Deacon at Edublox and began classes twice weekly to assist him. We were impressed with the cognitive exercises developed to form the foundation of reading and found Monique van Heerden to be most informative on the subject of dyslexia. When this hung over our heads like a huge thunderstorm, we were met with the utmost compassion and it sincerely felt that we were given a lifeline of hope by her as an educator.


Deacon was previously experiencing major anxiety when confronted with school work. He began to realise that there is a difference between him and his peers and felt huge pressure when he was asked to read out loud in front of the entire class. These days he is clearly more relaxed and have much more confidence to try whereas before he would simply try to avoid reading altogether.

At the beginning of 2015 we received a call from the his school with news that Deacon would fail Grade 3, due to poor reading and spelling as he was not making the required score of 4, but would only be able to attain a 3. He started Edublox at the beginning of term 2 and passed based on immediate improvement, increasing the 3 to a 4. We are so grateful and so thankful that his attitude has changed around reading — he is now always willing to try, even though it might still be very difficult for him.

It’s an ongoing process for him and we still have a long way to go. We will definitely continue for as long as needed to improve his skills, strengthen his ability and feed his confidence.

Dia Heydra

Deacon’s school report

Deacon's report

Dia Heydra Deacon's mother

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