More Confidence, Improved Concentration

Feedback.3185717_stdTo all at Edublox Claremont

I would love to express my gratitude to you for the work done with Jaden-Lee.

Jaden had difficulty in remembering his work, his concentration span was limited and he just couldn’t focus for too long. I was desperate in finding help for my son and have done some research when I heard about Edublox. I was excited for him to start classes as what I had read up about them was just what I needed — that extra bit to reach his goals.

He started in February 2014, and I could really see a difference. He has gained much confidence and his concentration has improved. His school work has also improved and I’m really pleased with him. There are some more improvements to be done but I can really be proud of him, and the effort he has shown in his work and the sacrifices of attending every Saturday have made a difference.

I would recommend Edublox to all who has a child with learning challenges.

Joy Johnson

Jaden-Lee’s school report: 


Joy Johnson Jaden-Lee's mother

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