A New Lease on Life for Connor


Reason for Enrolment

As a result of poor English and Afrikaans marks achieved in Grade 3, Connor was tested for dyslexia and was diagnosed with all three of the basic dyslexia types. Therapy was recommended and a colleague of mine suggested Edublox which had proved a great success for her own son.

I enrolled Connor at the end of the first term of 2015 with the hope that Edublox would equip him to identify sounds and words more easily and improve his reading and spelling ability. Connor was going to be writing exams for the first time in June 2015 and I was very worried that he would not be able to read the questions.

I was also hoping that Edublox could restore some of the confidence he had lost after realizing that he could not keep up with the other children in his class.

Improvement since enrolment

Connor’s improvement was slowly initially, but at the end of the second term he was enrolled in the one-on-one intensive course which produced amazing results. By the end of the course, Connor’s ability to recall patterns was nothing short of astounding.

He has been able to utilize this new-found skill in many areas of his life. He scores 100% on times table tests; he absorbs and is able to organize information far more quickly, which makes studying quicker and easier. He is also able to recognize words and memorize spelling better than before. In addition to this he can remember instructions and manage his day-to-day activities more successfully, which has made him more independent.

Connor was also able to improve his English mark by 12% and his Afrikaans mark by 8% between the second and third terms.

All in all, Connor is a far happier little boy with more confidence and improved sense of self-worth. His overall attitude to school has improved and this has helped him to adjust easily at his new school where he has made friends quickly and impressed everyone with his ability to complete the Rubik’s Cube in under 2½ minutes. As Connor will tell you, it is easy if you just memorize the steps!

Nadine Pace

Nadine Pace Connor's mother

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