No Longer Daydreaming in Class


Reasons for enrolling Keegan at Edublox

Keegan’s teacher stated that he wasn’t concentrating in class and that he was daydreaming a lot. She also said that he had difficulty completing tasks in class, and that his reading and spelling was not up to standard compared to his peers. Keegan didn’t enjoy reading at all, even at home. He enjoyed it only if we read to him.

Doing homework in the afternoons was a nightmare. He would hate doing it because it was difficult for him. He understood what he had to do, but struggled with it and this would frustrate him. As a result he hated school and any written or reading activities.


Keegan’s teacher is now happy with his concentration in class. He scored 3/7 on for Attention and Concentration on his Term 1 report. On his Term 4 report he scored 6/7. He is no longer daydreaming as much, and is able to complete tasks in class.

Keegan’s reading and spelling has improved tremendously. He has begun to enjoy reading at home and likes to read books and magazines.

It is now much easier to do homework in the afternoons. He completes it in a shorter period of time and is no longer frustrated when doing it.

There is still room for more improvement with regards to reading and spelling.

Liz Murphy

Liz Murphy Keenan's mother

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