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First progress report 

Rogan had failed term 2 of Grade 1 and after investigating options I decided to try Edublox. At that stage he did not know the alphabet and sounds.

Most significantly, Rogan’s self-confidence has just boomed and he is enjoying learning again. In just 3 months he now knows the alphabet and many sounds. He is also much less anxious about school and tests.

Rogan has a long way to go to catch up with his peers but we are confident that with Edublox it will happen in good time.

Inge Hayhurst
22 September 2014

Follow-up, end of Term 1, 2015

Hi Monique

Thank you for the demo yesterday. I am amazed and now I understand why Rogan is doing so well. He is now in that stage where he loves Edublox – makes it so much easier. Seriously, I would love to come for adult lessons – although if you stick me in with the new kids, I would fit in fine too.

I have been meaning to send you Rogan’s reports to show his progress. I have attached his reports for your viewing, but for public viewing, below are the cut outs of his progress. His improvement is so obvious and not only in his marks – he is confident, more outgoing, becoming more independent and keen to try new things. We did not realise Edublox will “teach” him these things too!

This is the report that made me contact Edublox:

At the end of Term 2 in 2014 when Rogan was in Grade 1, we approached Edublox because of his marks for Term 2. Rogan started Edublox in August 2014 and by December 2014, we saw significant improvement in his confidence and enthusiasm for school. 2015-07-17 13-39-26

Rogan is repeating Grade 1 in 2015. At the end of Term 1, after attending Edublox for about 6 months (holidays excluded), this is the report Rogan presented: 2015-07-17 13-40-28

We are so proud of Rogan and so so appreciative to Edublox for the work the teachers have done with Rogan. It is clear that Edublox works and wish more people to join this excellent program. We still have a long way to go and we are looking forward to Rogan reaping the rewards.

Thank you Edublox!

Kind regards
Inge Hayhurst

Follow-up, end of 2015

Rogan’s Term 4 report:


Examples of Rogan’s school work:

Rogan Schoolwork

Inge Hayhurst Mother of Rogan

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